Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dire Wolves Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band at the 6th Annual Milwaukee Psych Fest on May 4, 2018

A few days before the Milwaukee Psych Fest began, I asked my friend Ken who to look out for during the festival. He immediately answered, "Dire Wolves," and this threw me for a bit of a loop. I had that uneasy feeling I get when people are talking about bands or types of music with which I am unfamiliar. 

"With a name like that," I said, "Aren't they a Grateful Dead cover band?"

Apparently not! His withering glance told me all I needed to know. "They're going to be the most psychedelic band there," Ken told me, and I made sure I was outside at the end of the first night to capture this really interesting set. 

And I am so glad I did. This beautiful music on the one hand seemed to have a large improvised quotient, yet there was a flow to it that told me the band knew exactly where they were going with each piece. If they were playing every week in Milwaukee I would be there every week. As it is, I hope they come back soon! 

This set was recorded with explicit artist permission by Richard Hayes using a pair of Beyerdynamic MC930 cardioid microphones mounted in a modified ORTF configuration on a 9 foot stand and a Shure FP24 mixer/preamp fed into a Tascam DR-70D recorder. Audacity and xAct were utilized in mastering.

Set list:
Grow Towards The Light
I Control The Weather
And We Bid You Goodnight

Jeffrey Alexander: electric guitar, percussion, clarinet, voice
Sheila Bosco: drums, percussion
Brian Lucas: electric bass
Arjun Mendiratta: violin
Taralie Peterson: voice, saxophone

Please support these fine artists and decent people by going to their shows, buying multiple copies of their merchandise (your friends need the music), and talking to them like they are real human beings after shows. If they don't mind.


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