Sunday, December 1, 2019

Itasca at Acme Records in Milwaukee on November 22, 2019

Kayla Cohen has been writing songs and performing under the name Itasca since at least 2012, when "Grace Riders on the Road" was released. Along the way she has released several other limited edition cassettes and also two LPs on the always-reliable Paradise of Bachelors label.

She came to Milwaukee with a band packed with amazing musicians this past November 22nd on her record-release tour for her latest album, "Spring."

Kayla Cohen: guitar and vocals
Robbie Cody: electric guitar
Evan Backer: bass,
Daniel Swire: drums
Rob Frye: flute

Golden Fields
Bess’s Dance
A’s Lament
Only a Traveler
Blue Spring
Daylight Under My Wing
Voice of the Beloved

soundchecking with the bassist in the audience. it sounded good.

Please support these superb musicians and friendly people by seeing their live shows, buying multiple copies of their great merchandise (your friends are starving for great music -- why aren't you buying them music?), and talking to them respectfully after shows. Unless they look tired or something. 

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