Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Evacuate the Earth at Circle A in Milwaukee on March 9, 2019

This was the second time I had seen this trio. The first was during an incredibly intense set opening up for the Scarring Party at the Sugar Maple a few years ago. I remember being blown away by the sounds coming from this power jazz/no wave/math rock trio.

When I heard that they were going to be having at a show at local bar Circle A, I felt the need to get permission to tape and add it to my blog. The Circle A is the size of my living room, and, truly, I don't have a very large house. (My mother is always asking me when I am going to get a "real house.") At most there could be 35-40 people wedged in there to see a show. 

That doesn't usually bode well for a quality recording. However, I think this turned out well. 

Evacuate the Earth is:
Erin Brophy: vocals, reeds, and percussion
Daniel Kern: bass and theremin
Darrin Wolf: drums

The band was intense (notice how Erin shuts the drunk talkers up with two words on a bull horn) and really didn't stop between songs. I think of the entire set as one suite of songs. Really, really, really intense and strong songs.

It can get tiring as a writer when one is trying to explain how great a band is, just by using words. I could try, and in fact decades ago for a brief time I was in fact paid tiny amounts of money to try to do so. 

But these days all I can say is something like this: if you get a chance to see and hear these three musicians, do so at almost any cost. They are worth the effort! In the meantime, you can download the recording I made that night, seated at the bar and trying my best not to drop my audio equipment, which was:

microphone: Church Audio CA14
preamplifier: Church Audio CA9200
recorded: Roland R-05 at 24/48 resolution
software: Audacity and xAct.

This recording, just like all the recordings on this blog, was recorded and posted with explicit prior permission of the artists.

(high resolution, lossless) 
(427 MB)

(CD-quality resolution, lossless)
(218 MB)

(highest quality possible mp3)
(82 MB)

ALAC files can be played on Apple products without conversion to other formats or using any other software than iTune. You will, however, be getting full resolution at about half the file size as a CD or HD "WAV" file.

mp3 files are -- well, you should know. They play on anything, are tiny compared to the original size of the recording, and don't sound too bad when listened to on your phone or in the car.

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