Friday, June 8, 2018

Wet Tuna at the 6th annual Milwaukee Psych Fest on May 4, 2018

I pretty much knew what to expect from Wet Tuna, as this wonderfully laid back guitar duo has been all over the nyctaper blog during the past year or so. They performed outside on a slightly windy evening around sunset with a troubled live sound mix (check out the very brief snatches of high frequency feedback which I have done my best to eliminate with a notch filter and a positive attitude) and a crowd which was partially distracted by the noisier goings-on inside the main venue.

Despite these challenges, Matt Valentine and PG Six delivered what was one of several peak musical highlights in a festival blessed with musical highlights.

This set was recorded with explicit artist permission by Richard Hayes using a pair of Beyerdynamic MC930 cardioid microphones mounted in a modified ORTF configuration on a 9 foot stand and a Shure FP24 mixer/preamp fed into a Tascam DR-70D recorder. Audacity and xAct were utilized in mastering.

01 I Know You Rider
02 Water Train
03 Other Kinds Run

Please support these fine artists and decent people by going to their shows, buying multiple copies of their merchandise (your friends need the music), and talking to them like they are real human beings after shows. If they don't mind.


stream of the Wet Tuna show from Chicago May 3, 2018:

stream of the Wet Tuna show in Philadelphia on April 28, 2018:

stream of the Wet Tuna show in NYC on April 27, 2018:

That's enough Wet Tuna for now, right? No. Buy their LP! Then that will be enough for now.

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