Monday, April 30, 2018

Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker at Acme Records and Music Emporium in Milwaukee on October 20, 2017

This was a wonderful show. Ryley Walker and Bill MacKay have worked together for years, both as part of Ryley's touring band as well as a recording duo.

This concert was on the same day as the release of their most recent collaboration, SpiderBeetleBee on Drag City Records. Like the LP, this is an instrumental show except for one surprising cover song (I'll let you discover it on your own as you listen).

There has been a lengthy delay between recording the show and posting it, as I attempted to split the tracks and attach names to them. That is a much easier task when there are lyrics. I eventually decided to upload the show as two 40-minute sets. I think most people are going to listen to the concert that way anyway.

photos by Andrew Lyon

This performance was recorded with explicit artist permission by Richard Hayes using a pair of Beyerdynamic MC 930 microphones (which have a  cardioid pickup pattern) which were fed into a Tascam DR-70D recorder at 24/96 resolution. Audacity was used to provide very gentle EQ and minimal compression.

Please support these fine artists and decent people by going to their shows, buying multiple copies of their merchandise (your friends need the music), and talking to them like they are real human beings after shows. If they don't mind.

A guide to download formats:
WAV = files which are able to be burned as a CD without any conversion steps. This is the largest size of file on offer here.
ALAC = stands for Apple Lossless Audio Codec, which is a method of making a lossless copy of an audio file with about 50-60% of the space required with a WAV file. You can natively play these files on any Apple device and enjoy the same resolution and sound quality as a WAV file (it just takes up half as much space on your hard drive or device). 
mp3 - this is a lossy compression codec which utilizes psycho-acoustic "tricks" to drop certain audio information which is not noticeable under normal hearing situations. I am not a huge fan of mp3 but still find it useful because a high quality mp3 file will take up about 25% of the room on your storage device compared to a WAV file and about half as much as a ALAC file.

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