Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome to this blog!

Thanks for checking out this blog. As the title suggests, this will be a repository for recordings made of live music performed in and around the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The full range of the blog will be the triangle of Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison. That is somewhat of a cumbersome title, however, so "Milwaukee Taper" it will be. 

My goal is to have this be a shameless copy of the brilliant "NYC Taper" blog.
In fact, I emailed the owner of that blog and asked him if it would be okay for me to tell people that the rules, rights, etc of this blog will be exactly like that of the NYCTaper blog, but just devoted to Milwaukee and environs. He was kind enough to answer me and give me the go-ahead.

So my rules for this blog are essentially the same as NYCTaper's: is a live music blog that offers a new paradigm of music distribution on the web. The recordings are offered for free on this site as are the music posts, reviews and links to artist sites. All recordings are posted with artist permission or artists with an existing pro-taping policy.

Redistribution of milwaukeetaper recordings without consent of is strictly prohibited. hereby waives all copyright claims to any and all recordings posted on this site to THE PERFORMERS ONLY. 

If any artist posted on this site requests that recordings be removed, those recordings will be removed immediately.

I want to be extremely clear that all of these recordings were made openly with the explicit, advance approval of the artists, with the exception of those artists who have already given approval for their performances to be recorded and hosted at the Live Music Archive.

If for some reason you, kind reader, are not familiar with the treasure house of recordings in the Live Music Archive, please check it out.

And if you, dear artist, have not yet written to the Live Music Archive and given permission (with any caveats you choose) to them to host live recordings, please do so. Bands and solo artists who are taper-friendly get free publicity and attention for their music.  

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