Sunday, April 7, 2024

William Tyler at Cactus Club in Milwaukee on January 24, 2024

William Tyler arrived at the Cactus Club with his band The Impossible Truth ready to shake the walls with full band versions of his catalog. He was in support of his recent live album 'Secret Stratosphere' which was released last year featuring the same band.

Along with a representative sampling of Tyler's past work, the band performed an excellent and creative version of Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity."

Purchase his most recent album here.

Recording information:

Milwaukee at the Cactus Club

William Tyler: guitar
Luke Schneider: pedal steel guitar
Jack Lawrence: bass
Brian Kotzur: drums

01 We Can’t Go Home Again (8:32)
02 Gone Clear (6:50)
03 I’m Going To Live Forever If It Kills Me (5:02)
04 Highway Anxiety (6:36)
05 Radioactivity [Kraftwerk] (8:39)
06 Whole New Dude (14:18)
07 Area 601 (13:35)

Total time = 62:31

Microphones: Line Audio CM3 in NOS
Recorder: Sound Devices MixPre6ii at 32/96
Software: Audacity, Fission, xAct


these lossless files can be burned to CDR, if you are into that

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