Friday, April 12, 2024

Jeremiah Chiu at Acme Records and Music Emporium on October 26, 2023

 Jeremiah Chiu is an electronic composer currently living in Los Angeles. He recently appeared at Acme records as opening support for Mary Lattimore. For this concert he performed with several synthesizers and also the slightly battered spinet piano which lives on stage at the record store.

This show took place less than a month after the release after the release of "In Electric Time," his most recent album on the wonderful Chicago-based label International Anthem recorded at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Los Angeles.

I was absolutely captivated by Jeremiah's improvised performance and I am so grateful that he allowed me to share it here. 

Buy his most recent album here.

Recording information:

Milwaukee, WI at Acme Records

Jeremiah Chiu: synthesizers, piano

01 Untitled improvisation (37:09)

Total time = 37:09

Source: mono soundboard and pair of Line Audio CM3 mics in NOS at stage lip
Recorder:: Sound Devices MixPre6ii at 32/96
Software: Audacity, Fission, xAct

Recorded with artist permission by Richard Hayes


these lossless files can be burned to CDR, if you are into that

highest quality lossy mp3 files possible 

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