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Kikagaku Moyo at the Majestic Theater in Madison, WI on May 23, 2022

Kikagaku Moyo were a Japanese psychedelic band which was active between 2012-2022. They were known for a high degree of technical prowess using sometimes unusual instruments (such as sitar and recorder). 

For a band that started out performing in record stores in its initial US tour (including an acoustic set at Acme Records in 2016), it almost felt surreal that they were selling out large theaters and generating a buzz among music fans by the time of their farewell tour in 2022.

At this concert in Madison's Majestic Theater, the band performed for an enthusiastic crowd for almost two hours. It's sad to contemplate an end to the band's musical output, but I have to admire their determination to end the band at its peak of popularity.

Purchase their last album here.

Recording information:

Madison, WI at the Majestic Theater

Go Kurosawa: vocals, percussion, guitar, flute
Tomo Katsurad: vocals, guitar, percussion
Kotsu Guy: bass
Daoud Popal: guitar
Ryu Kurosawa: sitar, keyboards

01 Green Sugar (22:27)
02 Dancing Blue (8:21)
03 Zo no Senaka (6:50)
04 Smoke and Mirrors (9:50)
05 Entrance (3:39)
06 Dripping Sun (8:31)
07 Orange Peel (6:45)
08 Yayoi, lyayoi (7:52)
09 Kodama (5:20)
10 Streets of Calcutta - Gatherings (17:30)
11 Monaka (9:37)

Total time = 106:43

Sources: mono SBD + Beyerdynamic MC930 pair in NOS
Recorder: Sound Devices MixPre6ii
Software: Audacity, Fission, xAct

Tremendous thanks to Eric Lemke who provided super high quality FOH sound and access to the mixer feed

Recorded by Richard Hayes with explicit artist permission.

these lossless files can be burned to CDR, if you are into that

highest quality possible lossy mp3 files

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  1. I so appreciate the mp3 upload of this great set. The quality of this recording is A1m w/nice instrument separation. These guys really could bring it.